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Hi there,

I’ve always referred to myself as the controversial christian. I hate cliche’s. My skin crawls every time someone says, God’s got it, It’s okay to be a happy clappy christian, Going to church will make you feel better, God only helps those that help themselves. Yuck. A lot of them are true (not the last one) but still, yuck.

This page is going to discuss a lot of those areas that according to literal translation of the Bible are black and white SIN but in a grace perspective create a grey area that often times the church pretends doesn’t exist. For example, the law is pretty anti- adultery and yet there are two named and known prostitutes in Jesus’ family tree in Matthew 5.

So if you’re looking for absolutes, this isn’t the place for you. I would recommend Lisa Bevere for that. This is a place for discussing the love of God and how we don’t deserve it, and yet we do. What’s that about?

Links to my posts are below. Check them out!

x Rahab

PS. By the way, I’m not anti Lisa Bevere, she’s just loves her absolute truths. If you want a blog that tells you right from wrong, that’s your point of call.

PPS. That’s not a pic of me. I just wanted a pic of a girl that looked unimpressed and there she was.