Welcome to the Journey

It’s been two hours since my husband text me to tell me he was going out because he was too sad to talk. It’s been four hours since we were supposed to go grocery shopping. Six hours since he expressed his opinion which triggered my insecurities and set me off talking as loud as my Australian voice will allow me; attracting the attention of all the quiet British people on the road we were walking.

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Marriage is tough. I don’t even know what the outcome of this will be. That’s why I want this to be the home post on this blog. It’s not about having the answers. It’s about voicing the problems and the more they’re spoken about, the less of a problem they are.

This blog will be about feminism, single life, dating, sex – before and after marriage, marriage itself, LGBT, probably music, as I am a bit of a music lover, and all from a Christian viewpoint.

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The Bible says that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Growing up in Pentecostal church there are all sorts of ‘guilts’ we put on ourselves. Does God love me less if I stand up to a man? If I masturbate? If I date a non-christian? If no Christian men ask me out? If the only ‘wet-dreams’ I have are about women but I identify as straight? If I have sex before marriage? If it takes months before I have sex with my husband? If I never have sex with my husband? If my husband would rather walk out of the house than talk to me about how I made him sad?

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So if you’re looking for absolute answers, I’m sorry but this isn’t the place for you. But if you’d like to read the misadventures of a Christian woman trying to navigate life and love and accepting her failings and working through them and hopefully have moments of, I’m not the only one, then welcome to the ride.

If you’d like to contribute to the conversation, we’re doing some research into sexual outlook from christian women all over the world and we’d love you to fill in our survey. Head here

For now though, I’m going to pray my husband comes home and we work through this together.

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